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Using Gmail with Apple Mail

I recently moved my e-mail services from a Courier-based Maildir system to Google Apps / Gmail. Times are tough and I just couldn’t make a case for paying for hosted e-mail anymore. Gmail for Google Apps is free, each user … Continue reading

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Introducing Blip Slideshow: A WordPress/SmugMug plugin

It’s been two weeks since I started using WordPress and I absolutely love it. I recently blogged about my experience using Super-Slider Show to get my photography website, Ambient Photography, up and running quickly. My website and Super-Slider show both … Continue reading

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Finding a WordPress/SmugMug slideshow plug-in

Today I’m working on a new website that focuses on my wedding photography. And I want to pull in SmugMug images via RSS feeds and display them on the WordPress site. I am looking for the following: (Must Have) pull … Continue reading

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WordPress, SuperSlider-Show plugin and the FromFolder option

I love the Slideshow 2 all-Javascript slideshow. It’s what powered my slideshow at Ambient Photography for the last two years. But I recently converted to WordPress and the SuperSlider-Show plugin to provide the same functionality. Out of the box it … Continue reading

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My new user experience with WordPress 3

I’ve launched a new website using WordPress 3, my commercial photography siteĀ Ambient Photography. It’s actually an old website, hand-coded in HTML, that I transformed to a WordPress site. There are two main reasons I did this: More of my IT … Continue reading

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