Blip Slideshow

A WordPress/SmugMug plugin


This is the homepage for Blip, a WordPress slideshow plugin fed from a SmugMug, Flickr, MobileMe or Picasa RSS feed and displayed using pure Javascript.

Blip does not hardcode what it finds into your blog. Instead the most recent images are always loaded in real-time by the web browser.

Blip wraps Slideshow 2! by Aeron Glemann with some nifty RSS-reading magic. If you like Blip, please show your support to him. Advanced customization of Blip is the same as Slideshow 2 so please check out the documentation there if you have an issue that’s not covered here.

The current stable version of Blip (1.2.6) can be downloaded from WordPress.

Blip powers my portrait and wedding photography site, Ambient Photography.

2 Responses to Blip Slideshow

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  2. Gastro Geek says:

    Hey Jason,

    There seems to be an IE9 specific bug. The thumbnails under the main image all appear overlapping/squashed. Any chance you can provide a quick fix? Or direct me to what might be causing it!?!

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

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