Blip Slideshow Examples 1/2

Blip uses a default media RSS feed if you don’t explicitly give it one. Here are six examples of out-of-the-box Blip at work:

[blip-slideshow overlap=true delay=1000 height=300 width=400]


[blip-slideshow height=300 overlap=false resize=fit width=400]


[blip-slideshow type=flash color="tomato, palegreen, orangered, aquamarine" height=300 width=400] (New for v1.2.0)


[blip-slideshow type=fold height=300 width=400] (New for v1.2.0)


[blip-slideshow type=kenburns duration=1500 height=300 width=400] (New for v1.2.0)


[blip-slideshow type=push height=300 transition=back:in:out width=400] (New for v1.2.0)


Continue to the second page of Examples to see Blip working with third-party RSS feeds like SmugMug and Flickr.

2 Responses to Blip Slideshow Examples 1/2

  1. Hi Jason,

    This is an awesome concept.

    I’ve tried it with the twenty ten theme and it doesn’t show up.

    I don’t see prototype.js anywhere in my site.

    Tried the default 4 images without an rss link as well. (no result)

    any thoughts?

    Many thanks from Halifax

    • jason says:

      Mike, I notice you have activated the Jetpack plugin on your Blog. Jetpack also defines a [slideshow] shortcode which is taking precedent over Blip. To activate Blip in your blog post, use the shortcode [blip-slideshow] instead of [slideshow].

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