Dynamic Dates Examples

Built-in dates:

  • Yesterday: Wednesday [yesterday]
  • Today: Thursday [today]
  • Tomorrow: Friday [tomorrow]
  • Last month: November [last-month]
  • This month: December [this-month]
  • Next month: January [next-month]
  • Last year: 2013 [last-year]
  • This year: 2014 [this-year]
  • Next year: 2015 [next-year]

Note: If you are not using WordPress 3 or higher, you should substitute an underscore for the hyphen in the above shortcodes. For example: This year: 2014 [this_year]

Custom dates:

  • Our church’s next service is on December 21/14
    [date format="F j/Y" time="this Sunday"]
  • In 2012 I was two years younger
    [date format="Y" time="2 years ago"]
  • Next year my birthday is on a Wednesday!
    [date format="l" time="march 4th +1 year"]
  • Canadian Thanksgiving is October 13th in 2014 and October 12th in 2015
    [date format="F jS" time="second monday of october"]
    [date format="F jS" time="second monday of october" relative_to="next year"]

2 Responses to Dynamic Dates Examples

  1. Hi

    I am trying to setup the plugin but not much instructions, can you tell me the shortcode for;

    example 1 – Friday 8th July
    example 2- Friday 8th July 2011

    also is there no settings in wp admin area?


    • jason says:

      Try [date format="l F jS"] and [date format="l F jS Y"]

      Nope, no settings in the admin area. Is there something it needs?

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